Some things stink. Your logo shouldn’t be one of them.

Things that stink:

Pigs. Feet. Lutefisk. Port-a-potties. Locker rooms. Skunks. Cheese. Litter boxes. Reality TV. Prospector Pete. Arm pits. Fish. Ash trays.


Things that shouldn’t stink:

Your logo.

Your logo design is just too important to be stinky.


Other Things that Stink:

  • Design agencies that charge thousands of dollars for a single logo.
  • Logo design processes that take weeks, or months to finish.
  • Designers who think you don’t know what’s good for your business.
  • Tight deadlines that require a logo now!


Try Logomaker Now—It Doesn’t Stink.

No stinky processes, logos, or timelines. Just an easy-to-use logo design tool that can help you create a new logo in 15 minutes or less. Best of all, you can create and save up to six logo designs—free!


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